Tech Support

Home Phone Features

Features Enable Disable

Call Waiting & Visual Call Waiting


*70 or *57 disable indefinitely

Call Forwarding

*72 followed by phone #


Call Forwarding Not Available

*92 followed by phone #


Call Forwarding When Busy

*90 followed by phone #

* 93

Caller ID Block

*67 or 81 to block all calls


Voice Mail

*98 and default password 123456

Setting # of Rings

*94 followed by # of rings and #


User Guide

Download the PDF file below by Right Clicking on the document and selecting "Save Link As...".  

PDFHome Phone User Guide

Please note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open this file.


1. Do I need internet or a computer to get Home Phone from Source?

No. All you need is a telephone and we will provide the rest of the equipment (i.e., modem). Source does offer discounts to customers with Home Phone Plus when they also subscribe to the Internet and/or a TV package.

2. Can I talk on the telephone and use my computer at the same time?


3. Can I keep my existing telephone number?

Yes. To move your current number to Source Cable’s Home Phone service, we require a copy of your present telephone bill. We’ll then take care of all the details with your current provider.

4. Who do I call for help if I have problems with my Home Phone?

Call our Technical Support department at 611 on your Home Phone or 905 574-7477.

5. Will my Home Phone service work during a power outage?

Yes. Our Home Phone Plus modem comes with a battery which will provide 2-4 hours of back up power. Please note that this only affects corded phones, as cordless phones require hydro to operate.

6. If my Cable is out, will my Home Phone work?


7. Can I use my fax Machine?

Yes. Simply plug your fax machine into your home telephone network.

8. Can I dial a regional access numbers like 310 - 1010 (Pizza Hut)?

Yes. When dialing 310 numbers, you simply dial the number without the area code (i.e., 310-1010).

9. Does my service include a listing in the telephone book?

Yes, but Source Cable does not distribute a telephone book.

10. Does my service include 911, 411 and Operator Assitance?

Yes. Directory Assistance (411) is $2.00 per call.

11. How do I check my Home Phone usage?

To check your long distance usage, you log into the My Source Account section of our website. Your account must be activated before you’re able to use Source Cable’s online management services. If you have any questions in regards to activating your account call 905 574-6464 or e-mail us at

11. Is Source Home Phone compatible with Home Alarm Systems?

Yes, it’s compatible with most alarm systems (with the exception of Alarm Force) including Rogers Smart Home Monitoring.

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